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Daily Workouts

Despite the temporary closing, we are trying to stay consistent with our training and hope to motivate you daily with new workouts to try. This workout can be done anywhere and is effective with and without weights. Warm up a little before you push play as we accidentally missed that part of the video. Oops! Learning and growing everyday.

Warm up- Repeat 3 times

  • 30s Jacks
  • 30s shuffle punches
  • 30s alternating squat and kick
  • 30s shadow box jab cross right arm leading
  • 30s shadow box jabs cross left arm leading
  • 30s speed bag with boxer shuffle



You will need a mat and a “step” (CAN US THE EDGE OF A COUCH, CHAIR or BENCH)
(Instead of running can do 50 jump rope revolutions or 50 Jacks)

Set 1

A. Run 50 meters. Walking Lunges back.
B. 20- 30 Plank Jacks

Set 2

A. 50 Jump Lunges. 15 Push ups
B. 10 Tricep Dips AND 10 Body weight deep squats

Set 3

A. Run 50 Meters. Frog hop Burpees back
B. 20 Mountain climbers AND 10 Plank Opposite knee to elbow tuck with 2 count hold

Set 4

A. 2 Jump Lunges 2 Jump Squats = 1 Rep. REPEAT 20 times.
B. 20 step ups each leg (option: add an overhead press or a curl with each step up)

Welcome to Def Fit

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3/20/2020 Warm-up 5 min 30 second Jacks 30 Second drop (pop) squats 30 second squats 30 seconds plank walk outs 30 seconds high knees REPEAT   REPEAT EACH SET 2x SET 1. Right side Single leg lunge forward and back                 1 min Jump...

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