Tags: Sarasota Personal Trainers, Sarasota Fitness Classes, Sarasota Group Training, Sarasota Exercise Studio, Sarasota Trainers 3/20/2020 Warm-up 5 min 30 second Jacks 30 Second drop (pop) squats 30 second squats 30 seconds plank walk outs 30 seconds high knees...

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We’re Sarasota’s choice for exceptional personal training and group classes. Join one of our super fun classes and get fit TODAY! Certified, knowledgeable and professional, we guarantee your results. H.I.R.T. (High Intensity Resistance Training) All new...

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Get to the gym, get a great workout and get on with your day. It’s a clean, fun facility that’s easy to access and rock the best workout ever in the history of time.

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You seriously NEED to check out this ridiculously gnarly team! We’re 100% committed to your workout. You will find an atmosphere filled with high energy, motivated and motivating instructors. Come and see what makes us special.