b2ap3_thumbnail_May02_BringFriend.jpgAre you ready for some next-level fitness? Is this the year for your best body yet? Definition Fit, Sarasota’s fitness expert, is here to get you there! Not only are our results GUARANTEED at Definition Fit, we have the ultimate fitness team to keep you motivated, energized, and pumped to meet your goals! Our own dynamic duo at Definition Fit consists of our two founders, Daemian Mains and David Weiner. Daemian has been a fixture in fitness for over 20 years, and her classes are very popular! She teaches everything from PIYO and weights to H.I.R.T., all with her signature, highly-motivating style! David Weiner is our own Ironman-in-training, and passionate about getting you to reach and even surpass your fitness goals. David’s emphasis is on Strength, Stamina, and Stability, and that is even the name of one of his popular classes! David also teaches everything from Cycle X to Athletic Performance Training. You have fitness goals. Definition Fit’s stable of amazing trainers WILL get you there. First class is always free at Definition Fit, so bring a friend and double the energy!