b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2194.jpgDr. Dave Smith has a presence at Definition Fit even before he walks through the door. As one of our first Personal Training Clients, he has built his body into a well built brick house! He always has a smile on his face, is willing to be pushed to his limits, tries new things willingly and is a pleasure to work with! You can’t ask for more! That’s why a month was just not good enough for this guy! We affectionately nicknamed him Johnny Bravo because he is just that cool. Don’t even try to compete…as his endurance, strength and stamina is beyond compare. His workout buddy is more than 10 years younger and his challenges help give Dr. Smith his edge. After all, he’s got a hot wife and a beautiful baby to protect! Thanks for being so cool and tough Dr. Bravo!!! You make us look good.

Here’s his story-

I was introduced to Definition Fit and Tom’s TRX Power Class 4 years ago when I was looking for a trainer that could intelligently analyze my fitness level and personalize a workout for me. Too many other gyms just wanted to bulk me up and I was more interested in maintaining strength and lean muscle while losing body fat. Tom knew instantly that I needed to work on my core and on lengthening my muscles so as to prevent injuries and help me keep up my active lifestyle as I neared 50 years old.

My favorite hobby is helicopter skiing and even when there are no helicopters around, I still like to ski the more extreme stuff! The whole crew at Def Fit has always taken an active interest in every person that works out at their facility no matter which trainer has you as a client. Tom educated me in all aspects (workouts, core, TRX, cardio & nutrition), but I have learned a great amount of practical information from everyone there about proper form, different functional training exercises, dietary tips and more.

Tom’s TRX classes and personal training hours have definitely gotten me in the best shape of my life and with an incredibly strong core that serves me well not just in skiing, but in everyday life as well. It helps me keep up with my growing toddler! The best is when a new masseuse at a ski lodge asks me if I am a professional athlete or when a client at my veterinary  practice asks if I used to play football. I have to laugh and say “No” but then I always give credit for the compliment to Tom Johnson and Definition Fit!