sarasota personal trainersLet’s face it, the holidays are great for our social lives, but they put extra demands on our bodies! All those big dinners and cocktails add up, and sometimes it’s harder to find time to get a workout in. Count on Definition Fit! Sarasota’s fitness leader will get you motivated and back on track in no time. It’s okay to indulge! Just be prepared to do a little extra work this holiday season.

Mix it up and try a new class: 

  • Athletic performance training with Dave Weiner
  • HIIT MIX with Meghan Wicks
  • Mixed Bag with Daemian Mains 
  • TRX Power with Tom Johnson, Jr. 
  • Total Fit with Sally Hritz 

to name just a few! We change our roster regularly to keep our classes motivating and challenging! Don’t wait until the new year to make new fitness goals. Start your early resolutions today and stop in to Definition Fit!