IGNITE 360 is an innovative sports performance training system. “The system, derived from the Ignite Performance Training methodology honed over three decades of developing elite-level athletes at IMG Academy, offers fully customizable training programs and a unique comprehensive system for measuring progression.”

Whether you are young, an adult or a professional athlete – you’ll see a competitive edge with IGNITE 360. Our certified trainer properly evaluate and customize a training program for you.

The goal of IGNITE 360 is to train the athlete in you. You will experience firsthand how exercise progressions come to life – earn your progressions and be propelled into the next level with your Definition Fit coach.

Our Ignite 360 certified instructors Dave Weiner, Ashley Tabaie, Nicole Carson and Meghan Wicks at Definition Fit (Sarasota, FL) are ready to customize your program to allow you to see progressions and become the elite-level athlete you’ve been working towards. Call 941-961-3271 for more information or to sign up for the next IGNITE 360 class!

The IGNITE 360 Mission: Train the athlete in everyone through purpose, passion and performance.