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Exercise is only part of the equationTotal fitness is about balance. Exercise is only part of the equation. That's why Sarasota's fitness leader, Definition Fit, offers complete fitness. Our knowledgeable certified trainers not only get you in shape, we offer nutritional advice and simple lifestyle changes that will maximize results and make sure you stay fit! Our trainers:

  • Specialize in a variety of disciplines to offer something for everyone
  • Are all certified and experienced
  • Offer free consultation and body assessment
  • Are the top of their game and excellent motivators
  • Cater to ALL fitness levels, from beginners to premiere athletes
  • Offer a variety of sessions and prices to meet every budget

This is the year. Invest in yourself and get in the shape of your life with Definition Fit. We guarantee your results! Call or stop in today for more information. We look forward to meeting you! (941) 961-3271.

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Get 'PHIT at Definition Fit

Get 'PHIT at Definition FitThat's right, Definition Fit is also Sarasota's only gym to boast the ISOPHIT, a revolutionary piece of equipment that will change the way you work out. Isometrics are the secret of this amazing machine, able to target each individual muscle group in the body! Isometric exercise does it all, including:

  • Build strength
  • Burn fat
  • Improve bone density
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease muscle and joint pain
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Enhance athletic performance

Let Definition Fit introduce you to this incredible equipment, and find out what it can do for you! Our certified instructors know the best techniques to safely and effectively maximize your results. Stop in to Definition Fit today!

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Definition Fit's Member Feature: Joe Phillips

One day, soon after stuffing himself at Thanksgiving Dinner, Joe Phillips got sick and tired of feeling old and heavy! He took a good look at himself and realized that after his knee surgery he had come up with every excuse not to work out.

The days turned into months and soon it was a year or so since he hit the gym. The weight piled on, the pains got worse and then he decided he had enough! He called Coach Levi Root in early December 2016. The next day they started training.

Levi used his years of experience training high level athletes and began to develop a program for Joe to move more efficiently and to gain both strength and endurance. They moved slowly and precisely so there would be no more excuses not to work out.

Since then, Joe trains twice a week with Levi and they focus on a variety of muscle groups and do a combination of strength, speed, power and movement exercises as well as applying the principles of isometrics using the Isophit. In addition to his sessions at Def Fit, Joe runs 5 days per week.

He’s training for another Marathon this September and hopes to beat his previous 5 hour marathon time. Joe’s runs consist of speed work, repeats, tempo runs and long runs. He's following a plan that he and Coach Levi designed to get him to his goal. Joe says he will be happy just to finish as he knows he will cross that finish line 43 plus pounds lighter than when this journey began.

Joe’s focus was not on weight loss, but the weight started coming off week after week. At the time this article was written, he lost an astounding 43 pounds! He has added years to his life expectancy and is healthier and happier than ever. He takes good care of himself and takes Sundays off to rest and recover and gets plenty of sleep, uses ice, compression, ice baths and massage. Joe is sensible in his food choices yet he does not follow a particular diet. He burns the calories he consumes and then some.

Joe is still hot in pursuit of his goal and we are proud that he has chosen Def Fit and Coach Levi to help him get there! We are confident that Joe can and will crush it!



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Definition FIT Redefines Fitness in Sarasota, Florida

12436 ImageLarge fittestIn this day and age where clean, fun workout spots are sometimes hard to come by, Sarasota's Definition FIT sets a new standard for fitness facilities. Definition FIT's newly expanded space provides new equipment, new trainers, new classes, and new memberships for gym goers in Sarasota. Definition FIT's team is composed of high-energy, motivated, and motivating instructors absolutely committed to the workout of each individual.

Offering cutting edge group classes and professional private training, Definition FIT closely monitors the progress of all class participants. Classes are restricted to less than 20 participants, ensuring every client receives intimate and individual care.

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Suncoast News Network

Suncoast News NetworkDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, is proud to announce a new workout on SNN (Suncoast News Network). Tune in for a high-intensity 90-minute workout with Get Up Get Active! This class includes what you would usually experience in four or five classes, compressed into one mega-session for total body conditioning! This workout contains components of everything from kickboxing, to pilates, to yoga, to TRX training. Get Up Get Active is one workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and strengthen your core! Are you up to the challenge? Join Definition Fit on SNN for Get Up Get Active and find out! Don’t forget to visit our new improved facilities as well. First class is always free for locals. We look forward to shaping you up!

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Bring a Friend to Definition Fit - They Come FREE in May!


Here at Definition Fit (Sarasota, FL) we want to invite you back to a class…with a friend! Let your friends know how classes at Definition Fit can change your life!

You seriously NEED to introduce your best friends to our ridiculously gnarly team! We're 100% committed to your workout. You will find an atmosphere filled with high energy, motivated and motivating instructors. We want you both looking and feeling great all summer long!

Sign up for one of our super fun classes and get fit TODAY… with a friend! Certified, knowledgeable and professional, we guarantee your results. Click Here to schedule a class

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