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Sign Me Up!There is no time like the present to commit to a better you. What can be more important than your heath and fitness? Nothing! That's where Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, comes in. When you're fit, you're happy, you're energized, you're ready for life's challenges! Sign up and try a class at Definition Fit today. We have so many great classes to choose from...everything from boxing and cardio to Cycle X and strength training. Whatever your fitness goals, Definition Fit will help you reach and even surpass them! We've heard ALL the excuses, and we've taken them all away! We even have classes on Saturdays and Sundays. First class is always free for locals, so you have nothing to lose but those holiday pounds! No more excuses! Drop in, sign up on the web, or visit us on Facebook. Sign up to get fit with us at Definition Fit!

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Make Time For You!

Make Time For You!We know, we know, it's hard to find time to work out. Between work and home, errands to run, obligations to fill, we don't seem to have enough hours in the day. Guess what? Working out will give you MORE energy and MORE stamina to get it all done, and help you rest better at the end of the day! Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, knows your first obligation should be your health and fitness. Are you tired all the time? Running on caffeine and willpower? Get the boost of natural energy real fitness provides! Definition Fit offers a variety of classes to keep you pumped, get you fit, and give you more energy than ever! What's more, we have an unparalleled staff of personal trainers, certified in a variety of disciplines, guaranteed to keep you motivated and get in the shape of your life. Best of all, we are open 5:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturdays from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sundays from 7 a.m.-1 p.m. You DO have time for you. First class is free for locals, so no more excuses! Invest in yourself and notice the Definition Fit difference. You won't know what you ever did without us!

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A Class Act

Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, knows what it takes to keep you motivated with your workouts. That's why we offer a variety of fun, stimulating classes guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your energy up! Definition Fit has a variety of specialized trainers certified in their fields, and we change up the class schedule regularly to keep things interesting, challenge your body, and keep you from getting bored with the same routine! Looking to sample boxing, Cycle X, or kettlebell? Ready to kick it up a notch with HIIT, TRX Power, or strength training? Definition Fit does it all. Best of all, first class is always free for locals, so grab a buddy and come check us out! Stop in or book online. No matter your starting point, this is your year. We WILL get you fit at Definition Fit!

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Group Training

Group TrainingWorking out can be more fun in a group situation, but what if you need more specialized training than group classes can provide? That's where Sarasota's fitness leader, Definition Fit, comes in! Definition Fit offers group training classes, giving you the benefits of personal training in a more social, cost-effective manner. Rather than a prescribed routine, group training allows each individual to work at his or her own pace. Group personal training is kept to small numbers, to allow you the benefits of personal training without the all-for-one approach of group classes, and at a fraction of the cost. With our incredible staff of personal trainers, you will be sure to maximize your results. Stop in or visit us on the web for more information. We look forward to training with you at Definition Fit!

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With Us, It's Personal

With Us, It's PersonalLet's face it, sticking with a workout routine is much easier with the right motivation. That's why with Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, it's always personal! Our personal trainers are top-notch and experts in a variety of specialized fields. Our newly-expanded space offers much more room for individual instruction, including work on our new Isophit machine! Whether you are looking for strength training, muscle building, endurance, or simply want to get in killer shape, Definition Fit is the place to do it! Don't put off your most important investment...yourself! Find out why these locals raved:

"Simply awesome! I've been to a lot of gyms in my life and this by far is the best! Great classes and the best trainers in town!"
"Absolutely the best place to work out in Sarasota."
"Great environment and energy in here."

Discover why our Facebook reviews gave us 4.9 out of 5 stars! Remember, first class is free for locals so come in and check us out today!

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Fit & Firm with Sally Hritz

Fit & Firm with Sally HritzDefinition Fit, Sarasota fitness leader, is excited to announce a brand new class, Fit & Firm! Our own Sally Hritz, super motivator extraordinaire, is leading this small group energy-burner! Groups will be kept to four people, and begin as soon as four are registered! Fit & Firm will be held Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 p.m., and will run just $199 for the four week course. Get toned, get motivated, and get fit with Sally at Fit & Firm!

Sally can and WILL get you in the shape of your life! Call for details (941) 961-3271 or visit us online and sign up today. Put your best foot FOUR-ward with four week Fit & Firm!

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Waist Not, Want Not

Let's face it...holidays are a tricky time when you're trying to get in shape. If you are in shape, you want to keep it despite all the cookies, pies, and eggnog. That's where Definition Fit comes in! We keep you motivated with a huge variety of classes and fitness options from cardio boxing to Cycle X, bag class, TRX, Extreme Circuit, strength training, core conditioning, and so much more! You will never be bored at Definition Fit! Try our incredible new Isophit machine...we are the only Sarasota gym that has it! Whether you prefer group classes, personal training, or a little bit of both, you can do it all at Definition Fit. We expanded our space to help shrink your waist. First class is always free for locals, so no more excuses! Stop in and check us out today at Definition Fit. We look forward to meeting you!

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More Bang For Your Buck

When it comes to choosing a gym in Sarasota, go with the fitness leader, Definition Fit! Not only do we have a fantastic team of personal trainers, we have equipment no one else in Sarasota has, such as our new Isophit machine. Definition Fit also uses M.A.T. (muscle activation technique), which can do wonders to improve your fitness game or help you strengthen weak spots before injuries occur. Our newly-expanded space now has dedicated areas for group classes and personal training. What's more, first class is always free for locals, so feel free to stop by and check us out anytime! Definition Fit offers so much more bang for your buck. Your body is your most important asset, so give it the best fitness with Definition Fit!

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Personal Training At Its Best

When you're looking for personal trainers in Sarasota, look no further than Definition Fit! Definition Fit has newly-expanded space for our incredible training team. Our personal trainers offer a variety of specialties from strength training to TRX to boxing to spin classes. Definition Fit's fitness experts are the cream of the crop, and it shows. Whether you prefer large or small group classes or one-on-one training, Definition Fit's personal trainers have something for everyone, and the energy and focus to keep you motivated and strong! First class is always free for locals, so you have nothing to lose but your waistline at Definition Fit! Call or stop in today. We look forward to getting you in shape!

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On The Run

Definition Fit understands that this time of year it's hard to fit it all in. That means taking care of yourself is even more important! There is no better way to burn off stress than with a brisk workout at Definition Fit. Never been here? Not a problem! First class is always free for locals. On the run with errands and didn't bring any gym clothes? Stop in and pick up some workout gear! We have everything you need for your workout. We even have new gear from Rue, with cute tops and wraps to throw on over your workout clothes. They are perfect for cooler weather. Make your holiday work for you this season at Definition Fit!

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Not Just Fit....ISOPHIT!

Not Just Fit....ISOPHIT!Definition Fit is thrilled to be the ONLY gym in Sarasota featuring the Isophit. Featured on SNN, this revolutionary equipment is a guaranteed game-changer. Isophit allows you to work any muscle in the body, with three separate dimensions of movements and positions you can be in. Work on those posture muscles and so much more! The 360-degree Isophit is intuitive, adaptive, and just what your body has been waiting for! Stop into Definition Fit today for a demonstration and check out our brand new space. Don't simply get fit....get Isophit at Sarasota's workout hub, Definition Fit!

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Check out our new Isophit Machine on SNN!

Source: Suncoast News Network

Check out the Isophit machine on Suncoast News Network (SNN). The Isophit machine now at Definition Fit can replicate any movement or any exercise. With 360 degrees, three different dimensions of movements and positions you can be in - Isophit can work any muscle in the body.

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Definition Fit on the Suncoast View

Source: ABC 7 Sarasota - Suncoast View
October 3, 2016

Definition Fit's personal trainer Chase Petty climbs a mountain with a doctor and a nurse he trained for an experience of a lifetime! Watch the interview on Suncoast View. Chase worked with his team on setting goals and training to reach their goals of mountain climbing - training in Florida!

Chase demonstrates a few exercises on how to get ready to train to climb a mountain (even in Florida!). Watch for great tips on exercising and stretching and training - whether for a mountain hike or being healthy and fit! (Chase is featured on the Suncoast View video between 30:00 and 45:30.)


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15% Discount with New Trainer Zach Hamam

15% Discount with New Trainer Zach HamamDefinition Fit (Sarasota, FL) is excited to announce that Zach Hamam has joined the Def Fit team! He will start personal training clients next week!!

"I am very lucky to be able to work alongside some extremely knowledgable and talented trainers. Daemian Shannon Mains Dave Weiner I Look forward to starting this new journey.

My style of training focuses on Strength & Advanced Calisthenics to condition the body into rock solid well oiled machine!"

Zach is running a special for the first 10 people to sign up for training with him. They will receive a 15% discount. Give him a call for more details.

Contact Zach:
Cell: 941.275.1500
Definition Fit

Phone: 941.961.3271
Address: 1477 5th St Sarasota Fl 34236

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Now Recruiting

Sarasota's certified fitness trainersSarasota's certified fitness trainers at Definition Fit are looking to expand our team! We are recruiting personal trainers to add to our expert training staff. With our expansion, Definition Fit offers a large space to work with your clients where you aren't right on top of each other. If you are a trainer with clients looking for a new home, come check us out at Definition Fit! We have a wonderful team and excellent facilities that will attract more clients. Stop in today. We look forward to meeting you!

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Expanding Your Options

Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expertDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, is proud to announce that we are expanding--expanding our space and expanding your options! Definition Fit is taking over the space next door to offer a wider variety of classes and services. In addition to our primary programs and normal classes, Definition Fit will now have new equipment, as well as a separate space for personal training and M.A.T. (muscle activation technique). Stop in today—first class is always free for locals—and find out how Definition Fit can expand your fitness options!

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Performance Training

personal training on functional movementYour fitness experts at Definition Fit (Sarasota, FL) are here to get you into your best shape. One specialty we offer at Definition Fit is athletic performance training with our own Dave Weiner. Dave is a triathlete himself who is versed in many sports, from tennis to half-marathons. Dave bases his personal training on functional movement, designed to get you running at peak performance. Whether you are training for an upcoming event or simply want to offer your "A" game, Dave's personal training will help you not only reach but surpass your goals. Call (941)-961-3271 today, stop in, or book online. Unlock your true potential at Definition Fit!

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We're Expanding!

certified trainers are on hand to get you in the best shape of your lifeDefinition Fit (Sarasota, FL) is committed to shrinking your waistline, so we are expanding! That's right, Definition Fit is growing, and soon will have much more space for both personal training and group classes! We are excited for this next chapter, and invite you to join us! With guaranteed results and no pressure, your first class is always free for locals at Definition Fit. Our friendly, certified trainers are on hand to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter where you start! Whether you're looking for fun, challenging ways to stay fit or get in shape, or looking to tone and build muscle for an upcoming fitness challenge, Definition Fit has the perfect fit for you. Call, stop in, or book online today. We look forward to shaping you up!

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Level Up

Definition Fit keeps our class rotation funDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, knows the key to getting fit is sticking with it! That's why our certified trainers are on hand to keep you motivated and energized! Definition Fit will help you reach and even surpass your fitness goals, guaranteeing your results. With such a wide variety of classes on offer from Cycle X to Mexican Madness to Stamina Training, Definition Fit keeps our class rotation fun and challenging! We also offer small group classes and personal training for those who may be more intimidated by larger groups. No more excuses! First class is always free for locals, so bring a friend and check us out! With new client specials and so many friendly faces, you're ready to level up with Definition Fit!

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With Us, It's Personal

Definition Fit starts with an overall body assessmentDefinition Fit (Sarasota, FL) isn't like every other gym. Part of what sets us apart is our personal attention and commitment to your good health. Our certified trainers take personal training to the next level, and even guarantee your results! Definition Fit starts with an overall body assessment and goes over your fitness goals. We then custom-tailor a plan just for you! Our friendly, certified trainers will keep you motivated, energized, and amazed at what your body can do! Don't put it off any longer. Your best shape is right around the corner with Definition Fit!

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