Fit For Everyone

small group classes in SarasotaWhether you are looking for small group classes in Sarasota, stamina or stability training, tailored workouts, or simply want to get in shape, Definition Fit has a perfect fit for everyone! Our certified trainers are on hand to get your body at peak performance, no matter your starting point. Definition Fit has fitness experts in a variety of fields including boxing, TRX, MMA, HIIT, Cycle X, and more! With new classes in rotation all the time, you'll never be bored at Definition Fit. What's more, your results are guaranteed! Are YOU up for the challenge? First class is always free for locals. Stop in or book your class today. Your body will thank you!

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Suncoast News Network

Suncoast News NetworkDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, is proud to announce a new workout on SNN (Suncoast News Network). Tune in for a high-intensity 90-minute workout with Get Up Get Active! This class includes what you would usually experience in four or five classes, compressed into one mega-session for total body conditioning! This workout contains components of everything from kickboxing, to pilates, to yoga, to TRX training. Get Up Get Active is one workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and strengthen your core! Are you up to the challenge? Join Definition Fit on SNN for Get Up Get Active and find out! Don’t forget to visit our new improved facilities as well. First class is always free for locals. We look forward to shaping you up!

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Intensive Programs

At Definition Fit, we are committed to getting Sarasota in peak physical condition. Not only do we offer a variety of challenging group classes from boxing to cycling to stamina training, we offer personal training on a variety of levels for those looking to maximize their capabilities. Part of this is an intensive 6-week program to reach your fitness goals. Definition Fit offers both an initial test and an end test to measure your expanded performance. In between, our certified trainers increase your power for any athletic endeavor you may strive for, be it tennis, golf, power on your bike, or any other sport. Perhaps you just want to increase your overall athletic capabilities to reach your own peak personal fitness. We're all for that here at Definition Fit! We also offer prepackaged goals that include muscle relaxation, our exclusive ISOPHIT device, and 1 training session. If you’d like to rent out the ISOPHIT we will show you how to adjust and use it for what you'd like to do. Whatever your goal, Definition Fit gets our athletes and weekend warriors firing their muscles as efficiently and accurately as possible. Call or book online today and discover what sets Definition Fit apart from the rest. Your body will thank you!

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Your M.A.T. Hub

Definition Fit isn't just about group classes and personal training in Sarasota. Definition Fit is committed to total body health. Part of this includes both muscle relaxation techniques by certified massage therapist, as well as M.A.T., or muscle activation technique. You won't find certified M.A.T. anywhere else in town, and it is a crucial process to build up and maintain your peak performance. What your trainer doesn't know could hurt you. Trust the fitness experts at Definition Fit to get your muscles in their best possible shape. Strengthen weaker areas and prevent injuries before they happen. At Definition Fit, we are all about creating stablility instead of going over tightness. Definition Fit is also the only facility from Tampa to Miami that has ISOPHIT, the only piece of 100% isometric contraction there is. Total body fitness. That's the Definition Fit difference. Call or book online today. We look forward to developing your potential!

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Jump Into Something New

Definition Fit is inviting Sarasota to jump into something new! Our expert fitness team knows the secret to staying fit is staying motivated! That's why we continually offer exciting new classes and new formats to keep your body and mind engaged and pumped up! At Definition Fit, we're building a training platform that will expand beyond any of our previous capabilities. We offer unlimited and exclusive memberships, as well as our certified staff expanding to accommodate even more clients. Come challenge yourself in fun new ways at Definition Fit. Call or stop in today—first class is always free for locals! Bring a friend and discover the Definition Fit difference.

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Definition Fit on Suncoast News Network: Get Up Get Active

Watch SNN: Get Up Get Active to experience a 90 minute high intensity class. It includes what you would normally get in four or five classes, but the workout is all in one session. Total Body Conditioning is a plethora of exercise fun. From kickboxing, to pilates, to yoga, to TRX training - you are sure to burn calories and strengthen your core.

Come in and visit Definition Fit, get a great workout and have some fun!

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Next-Level Fitness

Definition Fit prides itself on getting you to reach and then surpass your fitness goals. That's why we GUARANTEE your results at Definition Fit! We all have to start somewhere, and we don't want to let intimidation keep you from living your best life. That's why we offer both group and one-on-one training, as well as the best caring, certified staff to take you to the next level. From novice to national champions, Definition Fit trains them all! We're not here to "fix" you here at Definition Fit—we're here to make you your best self! With first classes always free for locals and regular deals and specials, we offer plenty of Fit-centives to choose Definition Fit! Stop in, book online, or book your class through the Mindbody app today. Let Definition Fit take YOU to the next level!

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The Right Mix

Daemian and Dave started with a vision of a gym with a difference—a place for everyone to feel comfortable and challenged, no matter your starting place! Definition Fit caters to ALL body types, from beginners with no experience to trained athletes looking to maximize for peak performance in their next competition. With group classes and one-on-one training available, there truly is something for everyone here at Definition Fit! We change up the class schedule regularly, so you'll never be bored! First class is always free for locals, so grab a buddy and come find out what makes Definition Fit THE fitness leader in Sarasota!

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Kicking It With Definition Fit

July01 KickingIt Sarasota

Definition Fit invites you to come kick it with us this summer! With such a wide variety of classes to choose from, and first class always free for locals, Definition Fit is your destination station for fitness this season! Whether you want to kick it with Mexican Madness and Claudia Marquez, combine MIIT/HIIT with our own fabulous Johnny Speed, or kick up some jams with Cycle X and Steve Lusko, our newest staff is here to keep you motivated and living your best life in your best shape yet! Definition Fit is the gym with a difference. You won't find a more caring, attentive, energetic staff to help you reach and even surpass your fitness goals! Best of all, we GUARANTEE our results at Definition Fit. Join our team and become part of the Definition Fit squad. We can't wait to get you fit!

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Definition Fit is Expanding!

July02 DefFit Expanding Sarasota

Definition Fit is proud to announce that we are EXPANDING! Our workout space is growing, and soon we will have over 7,000 feet of workout areas. Definition Fit's popularity is increasing, and we are expanding right along with it! We will be shifting to a new dedicated space just for personal training, and keeping our current space for group classes. We will also be adding a turf area and setting up a special spot for athletic training. Exciting changes are happening here at Definition Fit! Drop in soon for one of our popular classes and discover the Definition Fit difference!

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I) Wellness Camps
Session 2: July 13-16
$125/child (sibling discount)
1-4 p.m.
* Four days long/three hours of fitness, yoga, nutrition, and educational activities.
* A few spots are left - don't miss out!

III) Saturday "Drop-In" Fitness Classes
June 11-August 6
9:30-10:30 a.m.
* Hour long class Saturday mornings that are all about fitness and fun!
* Class runs at the same time with Johnny Speed's adult kickboxing.
IV) Private/Small Group Sessions
Available to schedule throughout the summer
* Pricing and availability upon request
* 45 minutes/hour long classes that offer individualized planning, instruction, and attention.

See you at Def Fit!!

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Sarasota Sports Karate

Summer is finally here!!! Sarasota Sport Karate's inaugural program is now taking registrations! Learn the fundamentals of sport karate and train with Professional Kickboxer Johnny "Speed" Garcia!

"Introduction to Sport Karate"
3-Week Summer Karate Program
Ages 4+

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30-5:30pm
Saturdays at 10:30-11:30am

Program 1 Dates:
June 7, June 9, June 11, June 14, June 16, June 18, June 21, June 23, and June 25.

Program 2 Dates:
July 5, July 7, July 9, July 12, July 14, July 16, July 19, July 21, and July 23.

Program 3 Dates:
July 26, July 28, July 30, August 2, August 4, August 6, August 9, August 11, and August 13.

Program Price: $70/person per program. (3, 3-week programs)
Each Participant will receive a free pair of kicking pants (1st time students only) and up to 9 classes (less than $7 per class).

*Each Program will require a minimum of 5 participants. Dates and times subject to change.

Located at Definition Fit 1477 5th St Sarasota, FL
Call Sensei Johnny at 941-587-1372

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Welcome M.A.T.

Welcome M.A.T.

Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, has established itself with the best certified trainers, best variety of training for adults and now kids as well, and guaranteed results! Whether you are training for an event, getting or staying in shape, weight training, or looking for the best way to burn off stress and calories, Definition Fit has the perfect fit for you! Group classes, private groups, individual training—we've got it all at Definition Fit from Cycle X to HIIT, MMA to TRX, and beyond. Definition Fit is also proud to now offer M.A.T. (Muscle Activation Technique) with certified trainers who will help you maximize your game by balancing the muscles surrounding your joints, preventing stress injuries before they happen. This is just one more way Definition Fit is looking out for your WHOLE body health. Call or book online today. We look forward to getting your sweat on!

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Your Level Best

Your Level Best

At Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, we know that everyone has to start somewhere. Even our certified trainers all began on different levels of fitness, and have their own success stories of inspiration to share! If other gyms have intimidated you, you'll find the perfect fit here at Definition Fit! We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels, no matter your starting point. First class is always free for locals, so drop in, bring a friend, and try one out yourself! If group classes aren't your scene, we also offer small groups and individual training. Best of all, we offer new members an unlimited month for just $80! Whichever method you choose, your results are guaranteed here at Definition Fit. Call (941)-961-3271 today and set up your FREE consultation and body assessment. Whatever your level, you will reach your level best with Definition Fit!

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Your Fitness Playout

At Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, we know the best motivator for sticking with a fitness routine is to make it FUN! That's why we have the very BEST staff of certified trainers on hand, offering a huge variety of classes and training options that feel more like PLAYouts than WORKouts! Not only that, we guarantee your results at Definition Fit, so you will not only reach but surpass your fitness goals. Whether you want to try a variety of classes, get a small group together for classes, go one-on-one for private training, or all three—the choice is yours at Definition Fit! We don't care how you get fit, we're just here to make it happen! De-stress and burn tons of calories while having a blast with our energizing, certified staff. Call (941)-961-3271 or book online today for your FREE consultation and body assessment. Get the body you've always dreamed of with us at Definition Fit!

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Wee Ones Workout

Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, knows that our children can be some of our biggest motivators to get in shape. Keeping up with them is a workout all its own, but we don't get very toned picking up toys and finding matching socks! If carving out time for a workout is a challenge, Definition Fit is here to help! Coach Dani Marie will be holding Next Generation Kids workouts for the wee ones, while parents get a discount on their workout! Join us for a fun family fitness event you can all enjoy. Call (941)-961-3271 today and book your time for Next Generation Kids and pick your own workout at the same time. We look forward to seeing you at Definition Fit!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_June01_LevelBest.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, wants everybody to live the best life possible, with the best health possible. That's why we offer so many FIT-CENTIVES to motivate you to try us out and see what makes us the fitness experts in Sarasota! Definition Fit offers package deals, student discounts, and your first class is always free for locals! If that's not enough to convince you we are the best fitness center around, Definition Fit is offering a new client special of just $80 for an unlimited month! That's right—sample all the best Definition Fit has to offer for just $80 for your first month! At Definition Fit, we aren't just here to get you fit—we are here to help you get healthy, stay motivated, and surpass your fitness goals. Find out what makes our team so special. Call today (941)-961-3271 for your FREE consultation and body assessment. You won't find better fit-centives than with Definition Fit!

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Shapers Gonna Shape

b2ap3_thumbnail_12717866_10154609225813943_7686051208529984564_n.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, wants to get you into your best shape ever. Group classes only do so much, so if you really want to punch it up and focus on reaching your peak fitness level, you won't do better than personal training at Definition Fit. Our certified, knowledgeable trainers will get you into the best shape of your life, guaranteed! That's right, we guarantee our results here at Definition Fit. Call today (941)-961-3271 for a FREE consultation and body assessment. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or get fit, you know the key is always to stay motivated. This is where our amazing staff comes in. We have certified trainers in every discipline who will help you every step of the way! Put your best shape forward and sign up for personal training at Definition Fit today!

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Private Group Training


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leaders, knows that group classes sometimes aren't for everyone. That's why we offer private group training sessions at Definition Fit. Don't let a lack of confidence keep you from being your best self....put your health first and let Definition Fit's certified trainers keep you and your friends motivated on a smaller-scale, less intimidating way. Definition Fit wants to help EVERYONE get fit, no matter your starting point or goals. We have the variety of training and amazing certified trainers to suit every need. Make that first step. New small groups are forming so call Definition Fit today (941)-961-3271 for details!

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Variety is The Spice of Fitness!

b2ap3_thumbnail_12924429_10154619146718943_7008805895960262794_n.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, knows that variety is the spice of fitness! That's why we are frequently changing up our fitness regimes, offering new classes and workouts, welcoming new certified staff, and offering a HUGE variety of classes to choose from! Whether you are looking for strength training, Cycle X, H.I.I.T., TRX, high or low-impact, boxing, insanity challenge, total body conditioning, or anything in between, Definition Fit has a class to suit you! We encourage you to change it up often, and give your body new challenges to keep up with. If you prefer more one-on-one training, Definition Fit also offers private personal training sessions, incorporating whichever areas you would like to work on! Our certified trainers are second-to-none. Not only tops in their chosen fields, they are so personable and motivating, you'll wonder what you ever did without them! Stop in today and find a new favorite workout at Definition Fit!

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Located at 1471 5TH STREET,

(941) 961-3271

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