Your Best Investment

b2ap3_thumbnail_Apr01_FreeFirstClass.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, knows that the very best investment you can in yourself! We also know that everyone loves free samples, which is why your first class is ALWAYS free at Definition Fit! Nothing is more important than your good health, and nothing will encourage you more than dropping into one of our classes and catching the fitness fever! With so much variety to choose from, your workouts will never get stale with our amazing certified trainers! Stop in or book online today. No more excuses...try us free at Definition Fit!

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Try Something New!


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, knows the best way to form healthy new habits is to try them out, first! That's why your first class is ALWAYS free here at Definition Fit! Bring a friend and double the fun! With our amazing staff of certified instructors and such a wild variety of classes from MMA and TRX to cardio, weights, and H.I.T.T., you will NEVER be bored here at Definition Fit! We encourage you to try a variety of different classes to keep your mind and body engaged. Stop in or register online today. No more excuses! Come in for your first free class today!

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Private Group Training


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, knows that sometimes big crowds of strangers can be intimidating. We're here to get YOU healthy and meeting your fitness goals, no matter how that happens! That's why we offer both private fitness training and private group training as well. Bring a few buddies and we'll take care of the rest. Our team of certified instructors is here to get you fit! Stop in or visit us on the web for more information. Private group training is always available here at Definition Fit!

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Total Body Conditioning

b2ap3_thumbnail_12734014_10154470398888943_4029280130321343837_n.jpgIn keeping with our theme of keeping things varied and supercharged, Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, has another new class to add to our impressive roster! Our own Daemian Mains and Johnny Speed are teaming up again in for Definition Fit's new Total Body Conditioning workout. This is a fantastic workout that gives your entire body a chance to shine...instead of targeting certain areas. You will feel pumped, energized, and satisfied after this awesome 90-minute challenge! Definition Fit offers this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10:30 a.m. Bring a friend and double the fun! First class is always free at Definition Fit, so no more excuses. Let's do this! We will see you there!

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BYOB. Bring your own Body

b2ap3_thumbnail_12802782_10154479165818943_830317825644931467_n.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's favorite place for fitness, knows that exercise routines are much more fun when they mix it up! That's why you'll never be bored here at Definition Fit. Our incredibly motivating team is always up for new challenges and workouts to keep you and your body charged and pumped up! One of our exciting new workouts is BYOB (Bring your own Body), hosted by both Daemian Mains and Johnny Speed, for double the energy and double the fun! This class will be in a circuit, and Daemian and Johnny will take turns teaching boxing, weights, ropes, and med balls, finishing with a good stretch. Participants are also invited to stay and join a mix and mingle at Mandeville Beer Garden afterwards! Stop in or register online for this fun new workout at Definition Fit!

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Tabata Be In Business!

b2ap3_thumbnail_PersonalTrainer_Sarasota_20160310-143336_1.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, is proud to announce a new workout guaranteed to pump you up and take your exercise routine to the next level! Our very own Daemian Mains will be leading this super-charged Tabata workout on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. Tabata workouts are based on exercises that are performed for timed intervals, and includes both weights and cardio, as well as TRX and boxing. You will LOVE this varied workout, so get ready for your next thrill here at Definition Fit! Bring a friend and remember, first class is always free! We'll see you there!

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The Buddy System

b2ap3_thumbnail_Jan01_BringFriend.jpgDefinition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, knows sometimes the best way to stay motivated is to use the buddy system! Working out with a friend not only keeps your energy up, it also encourages a little friendly competition! That's why the first class is always free at Definition Fit. Bring a friend and double the fun! We here at Definition Fit know the highest praise you can give us is your referral, so we always encourage you to bring a buddy and pump your workouts up to the next level! You can always use the buddy system here at Definition Fit, and you always have a crew of buddies here with our amazing certified trainers! Bring a buddy. Train with a buddy. Be a buddy here at Definition Fit!

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Definition Fit's Dynamic Duo

b2ap3_thumbnail_May02_BringFriend.jpgAre you ready for some next-level fitness? Is this the year for your best body yet? Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness expert, is here to get you there! Not only are our results GUARANTEED at Definition Fit, we have the ultimate fitness team to keep you motivated, energized, and pumped to meet your goals! Our own dynamic duo at Definition Fit consists of our two founders, Daemian Mains and David Weiner. Daemian has been a fixture in fitness for over 20 years, and her classes are very popular! She teaches everything from PIYO and weights to H.I.R.T., all with her signature, highly-motivating style! David Weiner is our own Ironman-in-training, and passionate about getting you to reach and even surpass your fitness goals. David's emphasis is on Strength, Stamina, and Stability, and that is even the name of one of his popular classes! David also teaches everything from Cycle X to Athletic Performance Training. You have fitness goals. Definition Fit's stable of amazing trainers WILL get you there. First class is always free at Definition Fit, so bring a friend and double the energy!

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Punch It Up and Get Your Kicks!


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, is proud to have the very best certified trainers in the business. With such a wide variety of specialties, our staff is second-to-none! Definition Fit knows the biggest challenge in workouts is staying motivated, so our trainers and classes are all high-energy, highly-motivating, and spectacularly diverse, so you will never be bored! Come get a Speed-ing ticket with our new addition Johnny Speed, and get your kicks at his Fast and Furious classes. Johnny really brings his lifelong experience with karate, MMA, and kickboxing to the table in this super-fun, challenging workout! Feel like punching it up a notch or two? Join Meghan Wicks for one of her famous bag classes, or really crank things up with her H.I.T.T. training! Leave your excuses at the door and catch some of Meghan's contagious energy today! Bring a friend and double the fun at Definition Fit!

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Can You Take the Suspense?


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, knows that variety is the key to keeping motivated in your workouts. That's why we offer such a wide array of classes and trainers to mix it up and keep you strong, focused, and energized! One of our member favorites is TRX Power with our own Tom Johnson. Tom is Definition Fit's TRX specialist, and has been teaching it for the past 5 years. If you're up for a challenging 60-minute TRX Power Set Workout, this suspension training uses a combination of dumbbell exercises and TRX sets. You won't stop moving until you hit the core workout about 30 minutes in. If you're looking for a different kind of workout, this is it! Can you handle the suspense? Come into TRX at Definition Fit and find out!

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Girls Gone Strong!


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness experts, is proud to be offering our Girls Gone Strong program this month! Trainer Melanie Gaffney will begin a new Group Personal Training Program. NOW is the time to sign up, as class will be limited to just 4 females, and will be held twice weekly for 6 weeks. A body assessment and measurements are part of the process and we can't wait to share the results! The cost per participant will be $199 for 6 weeks, which is a HUGE savings from our regular $65-$70/hour charge. Ladies, this deal won't last, so sign up today! Make the commitment to good health and invest time in yourself at Definition Fit!

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The Friend Zone


Definition Fit, Sarasota's fitness leader, knows that working out is so much more fun when you bring a friend! That's why Definition Fit has the friend zone you'll WANT to be in. Bring a friend and their first workout is free! We love referrals and our business is always growing! Not only are we welcoming new members, we are welcoming new staff, and always on the lookout for the very best certified trainers in a variety of fields! At Definition Fit, you will NEVER be bored. We offer everything from kickboxing to Mexican Madness, from CIZE to Cycle X. Strength. Stamina. Stability. That's Definition Fit. Bring a friend and double the fun. We will see you there!

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Our Own Ironman

b2ap3_thumbnail_DaveTrainer_DefFitSarasota.jpgAre you ready for a new challenge? Want to step it up a notch or two with your fitness goals? Definition Fit's own Ironman-in-training, David Weiner, is waiting for you at Sarasota's fitness leader! David specializes in functional movement, and is committed to getting your body to its peak fitness. Half of our dynamic duo, David is the other co-founder of Definition Fit, and passionate about getting you to reach and even surpass your fitness goals! David's classes range from Cycle X and Strength-Stamina-Stability to Athletic Performance Training. David's classes have something for everyone, so drop in today and experience next-level fitness with Definition Fit! Bring a friend and have twice the fun! We will see you soon!

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The Mains Event

b2ap3_thumbnail_PersonalTrainer_Sarasota_20160201-155149_1.jpgSarasota's Fitness Leader, Definition Fit, has the BEST group of certified instructors around. One of our co-founders, Daemian Mains, is half of our dynamic duo here at Definition Fit. She has been the face of fitness for over 20 years, and brings her own special brand of energy to all of her well-loved classes! Daemian's style is highly motivating and she WILL get you to your fitness goals! Remember, results are GUARANTEED here at Definition Fit, and first class is always free, so no more excuses! Daemian teaches both PIYO and weights, as well as H.I.R.T. Whatever your goals, you will get there as part of Definition Fit's "Mains" event! Sign up for your class today!

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Light Your Fire!

b2ap3_thumbnail_MeghanWicks_DefFitSarasota2.jpgNeed to turn up the heat in your workout? Definition Fit's own Meghan Wicks is here to light your exercise fire! Sarasota's fitness experts boast a wonderfully eclectic group of top-notch certified trainers who cater to every fitness level. Meghan's energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she lights up every room she enters! Turn up the heat on your workouts and drop into one of Meghan's famous bag classes, or go for the ultimate challenge in her H.I.T.T. It workout! Working out is always more fun with a friend, so remember to use your referrals and kick up the energy! Meghan Wicks is waiting to light up your workout!

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Speeding Ticket


Definition Fit, Sarasota's Fitness Leader, is on hand to offer you a Speeding ticket you WILL want to get. Our own Johnny Speed is a proud addition to our staff, ready to challenge you to be your best self! Johnny's Fast and Furious classes have quickly become a staple for those wanting to kick their workouts into high gear. This award-winning trainer brings his lifelong experience with karate, MMA, and kickboxing to the table, offering you the most high-energy, super-fun, challenging workout yet! Come get your Speeding ticket with Johnny Speed at 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Bring a friend and double the Speed! We will see you there!

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Lunge to Twisting Press with Daemian


"Daemian, certified as both a group and personal trainer, has been in the fitness field for more than 20 years; [...]

Here is a strength-training move from Daemian that’s sure to inspire.

The strength-training move — Lunge to Twisting Press — is a combination of two separate exercises; a stationary lunge & a modified Arnold Press."

Click Here to read the step-by -step instructions to get this move down and get the results you are looking for!

Photo courtesy of: FIT941,

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Dave Shares His Top Tips for Getting in Shape This Year

dw2_DWeiner_SMSource: Sarasota Magazine

Dave Weiner--co-owner of Sarasota's Definition Fit--shares his top tips for a healthy 2016 on Sarasota Magazine. Here are some of his tried-and-true tips—just in time for the new year.

Do your research.
It's a process.
Ask for a fitness assessment.
Ease in.
Keep it simple.

"And remember that anything is better than nothing." says Dave.

Click Here to read the entire article and find out how you can start becoming your best self in 2016.

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Cize Coming to Definition Fit!

SarasotaCizeClassWe are so excited to announce Cize coming to Definition Fit! Asia Dekle is a certified CIZE Live instructor from Jacksonville, Florida. After a lifetime of loving dance and group fitness, she decided to turn her passion into a career. CIZE's high energy, no nonsense routines are perfect for anyone who wants to have a blast breaking a sweat. In her spare time, Asia enjoys reading, writing and spending time with family.

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Yes, the holidays are here. We know that means lots of extra calories and holiday parties. Never fear! Definition Fit is on hand to tackle all your festive feasting! Consider Sarasota's leading fitness experts at Definition Fit your official FEASTBUSTERS! Enjoying the holidays doesn’t mean giving up on your fitness goals, it just means you need to work a little bit harder to burn off those extra holiday rations. Definition Fit has the motivational staff on hand to keep you on target, on track, and feeling great despite any holiday challenges! Commit yourself to health and fitness this holiday season and take the guilt out of enjoying it all. Eat what you must: your feast we will bust, here at Definition Fit! First class is always free here at Definition Fit. Drop in and do some holiday feastbusting today at Definition Fit. We will be here with jingle bells on!

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