“What a super fantastic class! The TRX/Bag class was a kick-butt workout! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Thanks Katie, Daemian, and Tom for your amazing personalities and encouragement during a tough workout. Cannot wait for the next one! At the end of the day Tom is Awesome he is not stored in my phone as Tom… it’s under motivaton. I have been working with Tom for less than 60 days and and I have lost so many inches and 3 dress sizes. He’s awesome and has educated me so much. I feel better than ever. I work hard and he’s always right behind me 110%!! Thanks 4 everything Tom”

-Karlee Hudson

“Tom, I am thankful you started TRX back when I was a gimp and needed an alternative workout to accommodate the knee. It’s been wonderful to be part of your TRX class and see it develop to what it is today. You’ve made me the animal (RAT) that I am! LOVE coming to your workouts -”

-Sheri Davidson Lewis

“Just had lunch, now back to work!!! Looking forward to Bag class and TRX POWER class!!! I love definition fit!!! absolutely the best gym in town!!!! To all my local friends, if you want a real workout come and join me for a class @ Definition Fit!!! You have never worked out as much and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!! I have tried all gyms and workout programs in Sarasota, and I can honestly say they are the best!!!“

-Jessi Choy

” Daemian is an excellent trainer that keeps your workouts both challenging and fun!

-Tim Agnew,

“I have been to many gyms and participated in many group and individual programs over the years. No one motivates and drives you like Daemian. She tricks you into pushing yourself without you even knowing it. Her workouts are diversified and exciting, making the time fly by. You can’t go wrong with Daemian at Definition Fit.”

-Tom Daly

” For a fun, exciting workout with amazing results, Definition Fit is the place to go! The classes are ever changing so you never plateau. Definition Fit provides a clean and safe enviroment as well as a friendly staff. Once you go, you will be looking forward to your next workout! !”

-Cindy W.

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