At Definition Fit, we are committed to getting Sarasota in peak physical condition. Not only do we offer a variety of challenging group classes from boxing to cycling to stamina training, we offer personal training on a variety of levels for those looking to maximize their capabilities. Part of this is an intensive 6-week program to reach your fitness goals. Definition Fit offers both an initial test and an end test to measure your expanded performance. In between, our certified trainers increase your power for any athletic endeavor you may strive for, be it tennis, golf, power on your bike, or any other sport. Perhaps you just want to increase your overall athletic capabilities to reach your own peak personal fitness. We’re all for that here at Definition Fit! We also offer prepackaged goals that include muscle relaxation, our exclusive ISOPHIT device, and 1 training session. If you’d like to rent out the ISOPHIT we will show you how to adjust and use it for what you’d like to do. Whatever your goal, Definition Fit gets our athletes and weekend warriors firing their muscles as efficiently and accurately as possible. Call or book online today and discover what sets Definition Fit apart from the rest. Your body will thank you!