If you love learning about your workouts and what they are doing for your body, our new Learn and Burn Sarasota work out training class is for you.

Learn While You Work Out
The goal of our Learn and Burn class is to teach you about the workout while it is happening. We work both your body and mind by not only having you do the exercise but by telling you what the exercise does. Having this knowledge will create a deeper understanding between you and your body. Not to mention it makes your Sarasota workout even more fun.

Learn and Burn During Your Lunch Break
Join us every Monday at 11:30am to get fit and educated. Learn and Burn is situated perfectly during the lunch hour for the folks who work during the day. There’s nothing better than working on your fitness, blowing off some steam, and learning about your body, all during your lunch break.

Sign up for Learn and Burn with Definition Fit today in SRQ. Fit fun and knowledge are waiting for you.