Burn that body fat and get your heart pumping with your High Intensity Resistance Training (H.I.R.T) class every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am, taught by one of our Sarasota personal trainers, Daemian Mains. You will see results in no time with your H.I.R.T Sarasota workouts.

Push Your Body to the Next Level
Our Sarasota high intensity training class is an hour of non-stop movement that is designed to burn body fat and build muscular and cardiovascular strength. Short bursts of intense cardio combined with total body resistance training creates the perfect workout to push yourself to the next level. You will definitely feel and see your body’s amazing progress.

If this sounds like a challenge for you, make your way to Sarasota’s top fitness gym, Definition Fit, every Tuesday and Thursday morning for your H.I.R.T workout.