b2ap3_thumbnail_Sarasota-Best-Gym-Classes_20151210-160149_1.jpgNow is the time. Today is the day. Make the pledge to yourself to get fit and healthy! Definition Fit, Sarasota’s leading fitness gym, boasts the most amazing staff around to get you motivated, inspire you, and offer endlessly fun workouts to get you fit, burn calories, melt fat, and shape you into your most healthy self yet! What’s more, we guarantee your results at Definition Fit. Nothing is more motivating than being able to SEE your results. No matter your starting point. No matter your fitness level. We all have to start somewhere. Definition Fit trainers all have our own unique stories to share and styles of training. First class is always free at Definition Fit. Join us and find YOUR perfect fit at Definition Fit! We look forward to shaping you up!