Steve has been teaching fitness classes in Sarasota for about 6 years after leaving a career in banking and investments on Wall Street.

Indoor cycling (SPIN) is his favorite class to teach, but has taught everything from strength and conditioning the entire Riverview Baseball team. From Senior Stretch to Boot Camps and everything in between, Steve focuses on getting you in to great shape.

Steve went through his own personal physical transformation by losing about 60+ lbs in 2007, and ever since then he has tried to focus on helping others get themselves into great shape. In the beginning of his fitness career in 2010, he was teaching and training up to 9 hours a day and doing it 6 or 7 days per week. In late 2014, Steve slowed down the physical part of his career and launched FIT 941 Magazine. He still teaches and trains, but has shifted to more of the business side of fitness, still with the goal of helping people improve their lives through eating properly and working hard in the gym.