Ara Celi DiCost

Ara Celi DiCostanzo (Ari) comes to Def:Fit from Minnesota where she studied medicine and worked in medical research for several years. Her passion is to coach clients to make changes in their fitness, nutrition, & lifestyle habits that lead to meaningful improvements in their daily life including increased energy, better posture, self confidence, and strength. She uses functional fitness training to help people move more efficiently and lifestyle coaching to ensure that their daily habits serve their health and fitness goals.

What Client’s Are Saying:
“I made good progress working out with Ara Celi. I’d had a rotator cuff tear 6 months beforehand and had finished my injections and physical therapy but still had pain doing the everyday things, such as lifting and blow drying my hair. I didn’t realize how much my posture and compensating muscles had affected my ability to do the things I was used to doing everyday.

Ara Celi started me on a program of lifting kettle bells, daily corrective exercises at home, and making diet adjustments to eat more protein and fewer high calorie/low nutrient foods. Over the next few months, I was able to lift weights I didn’t think I’d be able to and strengthened both my upper and lower muscle groups to the point where I improved my function and flexibility. I’d recommend her as a trainer because heavens knows, I’m not a natural athlete and I do whine a lot but she has helped me laugh instead of whine:)”

Denise M
Minneapolis, Minnesota