Tanya Roark

Personal Fitness Trainer

Bachelors in Business Administration 1993

Software Project Manager 1994-2002

Personal Fitness Trainer 2003 – present
(ACE, NASM Certified Personal Trainer)

– Started my Fitness career at Libertyville Tennis & Fitness Club in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

There I worked with USTA Jr. Athletes participating in a private program named CARE. I also trained adult USTA players and ran programs for them to better their Game-play and life on & off the courts. Introducing and educating players on prevention of overuse injuries such as Tennis elbow, Hamstring pulls, the Rotator Cuff, the Iliotibial Band, Knees and Lower back. Teaching better court movement through balance, strength, speed and agility.

I then moved to Cincinnati where I focused more on clients having goals in the areas of General Fitness, Weight-loss, Competitor Sculpting, and clients with clinical or special needs specific training.

While in Cincinnati I had the amazing opportunity of working with a Weight-loss client that had very special physical needs and required a clinical-minded trainer. A 45 year old female executive that weighed over 382 lbs with multiple injuries (i.e. bone-on-bone in both knees, shoulder surgery for the rotator, & an ankle reconstruction). In 8 months she was able to lose 172 lbs, gain an amazing amount of muscle, and could do exercises she thought she could never do (i.e. lunges, squats, pushups, etc.). All this accomplished through good nutrition and exercise. See her testimonial for the complete story.

In 2013 I moved to Sarasota where I am fortunate to again be able to work with USTA & Jr Athletes as well as a wide variety of clientele from General Fitness and wellness needs to knee/hip/shoulder pre-hab & rehab, etc.