Sarasota Tis The Season...No, not that one. The FITNESS season! Definition Fit, Sarasota’s fitness leader, is on hand to get you in great shape for whatever season is coming up for you. Whether you’re prepping for bathing suit season, race season, beach season or triathlon season, we have everything you need here at Definition Fit! Our trainers are the cream of the crop, our facilities are newly-expanded and beautiful, and our equipment includes Sarasota’s only ISOPHIT! Sure, there are other gyms out there, but there’s only one Definition Fit. What makes us different? Come see for yourself! Grab a friend and drop into a class—first class is always free for locals. Whatever your fitness goals, Definition Fit will help you reach and even surpass them. With lunchtime and evening classes, open 7 days a week, we couldn’t make it easier for you to get in shape! Come on by and discover the Definition Fit difference. We look forward to meeting you!