Variety is the Spice of Fitness!Sarasota’s fitness leader, Definition Fit, knows the secret to maintaining a good fitness regimen is to mix it up! Our bodies need variety just like we do…muscles don’t work as hard once they are used to a routine. That’s why our certified instructors keep our class roster changing and evolving all the time. You’ll never be bored here at Definition Fit! Some current classes include:

  • NXT LEVEL Conditioning with Chase Pettey
  • Kettlebell, strength and conditioning with Chris/ Ari
  • Cycle/strength circuit with Dave Weiner
  • Tabata Thursday with Daemian Mains
  • HIIT MIX with Meghan Wicks

to name a few! Definition Fit also offers personal training for all levels, as well as small group personal training. First class is always free for locals, so grab a buddy and stop in today! Your body will thank you and so will we!