We Have ISOPHIT!We know we say it a lot, but Definition Fit could not be more thrilled to be the only gym in Sarasota to offer the amazing ISOPHIT! This incredible equipment is a game-changer in every way. We can honestly say that in our humbly biased opinion there is nothing better than ISOPHIT. Please note that our bias is about making you BETTER! ISOPHIT uses isometric exercises, which are the safest, most effective form of exercise available. Isometric exercise can target each individual muscle in the body, improving muscular strength, cardiovascular function and athletic performance with minimal stress to joints, tendons, and the body’s other supporting structures. Whether you are looking to build strength, burn fat, improve bone density, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle and joint pain, correct muscle imbalances or enhance athletic performance: IT ALL STARTS HERE. Stop in, drop in a class and find out more about the amazing ISOPHIT. We can’t wait to improve your life with the ISOPHIT here at Definition Fit!