Definition Fit isn’t just about group classes and personal training in Sarasota. Definition Fit is committed to total body health. Part of this includes both muscle relaxation techniques by certified massage therapist, as well as M.A.T., or muscle activation technique. You won’t find certified M.A.T. anywhere else in town, and it is a crucial process to build up and maintain your peak performance. What your trainer doesn’t know could hurt you. Trust the fitness experts at Definition Fit to get your muscles in their best possible shape. Strengthen weaker areas and prevent injuries before they happen. At Definition Fit, we are all about creating stablility instead of going over tightness. Definition Fit is also the only facility from Tampa to Miami that has ISOPHIT, the only piece of 100% isometric contraction there is. Total body fitness. That’s the Definition Fit difference. Call or book online today. We look forward to developing your potential!